The Cover of Damned Rascals? Damned Rascals, a first fleet story,  is the definitive primary source book on Australia’s most famous transportee couple, Henry and Susannah Kable.

The book is written as a Chronicle of Henry and Susannah Kable during Henry’s lifetime 1764 to 1846.

The format A4 was chosen because of the large number of original documents (found in 43 years of searching) can only be read in close to original size. Most of the book consists of these reproductions of documents from 1699 to 1846. Where they are difficult to read a transcript follows. They are baptisms, marriages, deaths, charge sheets, both reprieves from hanging, transportation lists, newspaper articles, land grants and letters to editors etc. Our text just joins the story together with historical background and some comment.

Packed with information sourced by Kable descendants, it is a great example of what family history research can lead to. It is not just a collection of primary sources, but is arranged in narrative form, so you can follow the story of Henry and Susannah from their homes in England, through their respective trials, convictions, transportation, emancipation and life in the colony.

This book is a must for anyone who is interested in researching their family history or genealogy. It will also appeal to anyone who has an interest in Australian history.

The authors can be contacted at email addresses:

Paul Kable          annepaulkable@gmail.com