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5 responses to “Comments from Readers

  1. Zillah Campbell

    This is a very well set out set of Primary records documenting the lives of Henry and Susannah Kable and their first generation in Australia. I recommend it to any person wondering if it is worth the effort to purchase. Kable descended people would find it a necessity and other history buffs an educating story in order of events to add to their knowledge of early Australian pioneering days.

  2. This book is a great resource. Thank you June and Paul for all your hard work!

  3. Ariane Lloyd-Pitty

    I am interested in researching the historigraphical issues surrounding the Kables for my extension history major work, but would like to know if there are any actual debates between what did occur, especially debates between historians, as this is a fundamental for the subject I choose. If anyone knows, please leave a comment (specifically if possible).

  4. Peter Kable // November 27, 2009 at 1:00 pm | Reply (edit)

    I have had a copy of “Damned Rascals” since it first became available – it is well thumbed and has been used to assist in the preparation of a talk I have given about the two ‘rascals”. The book is a most valuable resource and I refer to it often. The maternal side of my family is descended from Frederick Meredith a working sailor of the First Fleet and a free settler who came back on the Second Fleet.

  5. Hello Paul

    We briefly met at Windsor during the Celebration of the Children of H&S on Saturday 10/02/2018.

    Thanks for your book – I found the reference to Sunning Hill Farm at Petersham/Summer Hill.

    I’d love to have a copy of plate D 16 Kabel’s first land grant if it’s available.

    I named my previous property at Maraylya Sunning Hill Farm when we moved there in 1984. We moved to Kenthurst in 2016.

    PS – I’m a descendant of Diana Kable and George Littleton Gaudry.

    Cheers Paul

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